About the Student Accessibility Support Room

What is the Student Accessibility Support Room?

The Student Accessibility Support Room, while fostering cooperation with related departments within the university, aims to strengthen the overall support system for students with disabilities and contribute to worry-free student and daily life for students with disabilities. This is a place where disabled students can come to talk about concerns and troubles that occur during college life. Also, regardless of disability or lack thereof, we also provide support for basic needs of student and daily life.
Even if you never had any problems up through high school graduation, you may find yourself facing new challenges in your student and daily life within the new environment of a university. If this happens to you, please come and talk to one of our professional counselors who will look at your situation and work with you to support you and address your needs.
Even if you feel you have no idea what to say to a counselor, just come in and, at the very least, let us find out what is bothering you and we can start from there.


Message from the Head of the Student Accessibility Support Room

Based on the foundation of the Basic Act for Persons with Disabilities and regardless of disability or lack thereof, Kumamoto University will defend the human rights of all our students from pre-school to university level and those who wish to enroll here, while mutually respecting individuality and individual character. In order to work toward a spirit of cooperative learning, Kumamoto University has enacted basic policies concerning the support of disabled and other students and applicants for enrollment at Kumamoto University.
The Student Accessibility Support Room was established in November of 2015 to focus on this initiative. The Student Accessibility Support Room is working on resolving disability-related discrimination, while at the same time offering support by working in collaboration with various departments within the university and related organizations outside the university to ensure that students with disabilities can participate in education and research on an equal standing with other students. Though we extend our services to consultation for those without disabilities, this office is especially focused on helping students and others with disabilities dealing with difficulties in relation to education and research related problems so please stop by and see if we can help you. Together with the faculty and staff of Kumamoto University, we are committed to supporting and helping those who come to us for consultation.

Head of Student Accessibility Support Room
Hirofumi Soejima


Staff Profiles

Head of Student Accessibility Support Room (Doctor) 1
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor (Clinical Psychologist) 1
Campus Social Worker (Licensed Social Worker) 1


Basic Policies

Kumamoto University basic policies for supporting students and others with disabilitie
(PDF: 143KB, in Japanese)

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