For students wanting to provide assistance

For those wanting to get involved with student support

At Kumamoto University, there are students who deal with hearing impairment, physical disabilities, developmental disorders, etc., and are engaged in university life while receiving support for their disability. At the Student Accessibility Support Room, we are looking for student volunteers who wish to help disabled students meet the challenges of studying and student life. Depending on details and time, student volunteers will engage in support activities during their free time. Please contact us if you are interested.


Details regarding support activities

  • Support for students with impaired hearing
    • Taking notes by hand (using pen and paper to transcribe lectures)
    • Taking notes with a computer (using a PC to transcribe lectures)
    • Text transcription of audiovisual teaching materials (subtitling videos or DVDs)
    The Hearing-Impaired Student Support Office
    The Hearing-Impaired Student Support Office gathers note-takers and hearing-impaired students once a week to reflect on note-taking. They not only receive advice from other note-takers, but can listen to detailed requests from hearing-impaired students, thus enabling them to provide better support in tune with the actual situation. By providing these sessions, Kumamoto University has become known for its closely-knit community. In addition to weekly reflection sessions, note-takers build stronger relationships with other note-takers and the hearing-impaired students.
  • Support for students with physical disabilities
    • Wheelchair assistance (mobility assistance)
  • Other student support activities
    • Advice regarding doing assignments and study techniques

    The details of each supporter’s activities will change depending on the enrollment status, etc., of students with disabilities.

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