For students who want assistance

To those who need assistance

In the Student Accessibility Support Room, we make the necessary arrangements to provide reasonable considerations and support for studying to students with physical, intellectual, mental disabilities (including developmental disorders), and other physical and mental impairments.

We also provide support for basic needs of daily and social life, the foundations of a healthy student life, regardless of whether a student has a disability. In your daily life, do you come across any problems such as the ones listed below?


Academic work

  • I have trouble setting up a course plan
  • I have trouble going to classes
  • I have trouble saying my opinion
  • I have trouble with writing assignments and papers

Social relationships

  • I’m not good at interpersonal relationships
  • I have trouble taking actions appropriate to the situation
  • I’m always late to important appointments

Daily life

  • I forget things often because I’m disorganized
  • I have trouble managing my schedule
  • I tend to overbook appointments
  • Living on my own is difficult


  • Physical disability
  • Intellectual disability
  • Mental disability (including developmental disorders)
  • Other disability related to physical or mental function

Other situations where special consideration is needed

Our clinical psychologists and campus social workers, while cooperating with related external institutions, work to support students’ efforts to further understand themselves, help them think about coping mechanisms, and help coordinate adjustments for environmental difficulties.
Depending on the details of your consultation or request, we may introduce you to another consultation office. Please do not hesitate to talk with us.


Counseling on campus


Interpersonal relationships

  • I am having problems within my circle club.
  • I am very concerned about what people think of me.

Trouble in everyday life

  • I was forced to buy an expensive item.
  • I am harassed by persistent salespeople.

Concerns with study / career path

  • I have trouble going to classes.
  • I might want to study something else.
  • I’m thinking about taking time off or dropping out.

Student Counseling Room

  • Ask Anything
    • Campus Social Worker
    • administrative staff



Disabled student consultation

  • I’ve been diagnosed, but I don’t know what to do now.
  • I wish to request special consideration for classes, lab work, tests, etc.
  • I need help organizing my schedule.

Student Accessibility Support Room

TEL:096-342-2765, 2766
  • Provision of necessary consideration / support
  • Consultation for disabled students
    • Specially Appointed Assistant Professor / Clinical Psychologist
    • Campus Social Worker



Mental and physical health

  • I don’t feel like doing anything.
  • I can’t sleep.
  • I’m worried about my health.
  • I am afraid to enter the classroom.

Health Care Center

  • General consultation
    • Physician
    • Psychiatrist
  • Consultation on everything related to the mind or body, student psychological consultation
    • Clinical psychologist
  • Sexual consultation
    • Nurse

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